Currency Exchange

We can help you exchange foreign currency. We exchange cash, wire transfers and checks in various currencies. We offer currency conversions for almost all currencies at the most competitive exchange rates. We value your time and offer you greater convenience through taking orders online, over the phone, e-mail and in person. We are always looking forward to serving you the best possible way. Enjoy access to the currencies of the world.


Currency exchange services:

Cash: Buy and sell any convertible currency. See Our Live Currency Exchange Rates
Wire Transfer: Wire funds to a local or foreign bank account.
Bank Draft: Available in over 40 currencies.

What We Offer

• Cash/Bank Notes
Buy and sell over 100 currencies.

• Transfer Funds
We offer the latest technology, a secure network, and the friendliest staff. Which gives you the experience you deserve when you are sending or receiving money.

• Bank Drafts
Taheri Exchange provides foreign Bank Drafts in over 40 currencies!

• A Commitment to Security
Taheri Exchange is committed ensuring the security of your transactions and your personal information.


To Contact Us immediately dial 416-488-8822 or our toll free line at 1-888-712-9999 from anywhere in North America. Otherwise, send emails to [email protected]

Online Currency Buying

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