Live Exchange Rates

These are live exchange rates. They are refreshed every time you hit refresh and they are updated by the second. If you like the rate you see, either call us to reserve the rate or click on the “buy currency online” button on the top right of this page. and follow the instructions. These rates are for transactions involving the purchase or sale of cash on one side of the transaction. We have another set of rates for transactions that are conducted by wire transfer on both sides of the transaction. For amounts over $20,000, wire rates are more competitive. Please visit our wire transfer exchange rates page under the exchange rate tab from the top menu to see our wire rates.

Flag Currency We Buy We Sell
US Dollar 1.31033 CAD 1.34619 CAD
Euro 1.44425 CAD 1.49850 CAD
United Kingdom Pound 1.62429 CAD 1.68543 CAD
Japanese Yen 0.01184 CAD 0.01282 CAD
Chinese Yuan Renminbi 0.17881 CAD 0.19660 CAD
Hong Kong Dollar 0.16299 CAD 0.17827 CAD
Swiss Franc 1.29502 CAD 1.38847 CAD
Korean Won 0.00108 CAD 0.00120 CAD
Turkish Lira 0.22154 CAD 0.26118 CAD
Australian Dollar 0.88195 CAD 0.93651 CAD
New Zealand Dollar 0.82037 CAD 0.87085 CAD
Croatian Kuna 0.18940 CAD 0.21419 CAD
Dominican Peso 0.02478 CAD 0.02787 CAD
South African Rand 0.08599 CAD 0.09454 CAD
Swedish Krona 0.13286 CAD 0.14176 CAD
Mexican Peso 0.06554 CAD 0.07202 CAD
Israeli New Shekel 0.35149 CAD 0.40384 CAD
Czeck Koruna 0.05379 CAD 0.06002 CAD
UAE Dirham (AED) 0.34352 CAD 0.37968 CAD
Iceland Krona 0.00966 CAD 0.01148 CAD
Norwegian Kroner 0.14084 CAD 0.15418 CAD
Saudi Riyal 0.33001 CAD 0.37817 CAD
Thai Baht 0.04045 CAD 0.04653 CAD
Danish Krone 0.18654 CAD 0.20421 CAD
Brazilian Real 0.29996 CAD 0.35347 CAD
Polish Zloty 0.31767 CAD 0.36499 CAD
Jamaican Dollar 0.00897 CAD 0.01053 CAD
Taiwan Dollar 0.03991 CAD 0.04634 CAD
Singapore Dollar 0.92690 CAD 1.00414 CAD
Russian Rouble 0.01920 CAD 0.02251 CAD
Peruvian Nuevo Sol 0.37061 CAD 0.42938 CAD
Vietnamese Dong 0.00004 CAD 0.00008 CAD
Philippine Peso 0.02314 CAD 0.02772 CAD
Malaysian Ringgit 0.30126 CAD 0.33932 CAD
Moroccan Dirham 0.12225 CAD 0.15934 CAD
Colombian Peso 0.00035 CAD 0.00045 CAD
East Carribean Dollar 0.45709 CAD 0.53572 CAD
CFP Franc 0.01138 CAD 0.01328 CAD
Romanian New Leu 0.28486 CAD 0.33440 CAD
Chilean Peso 0.00173 CAD 0.00203 CAD
Fiji Dollar 0.57938 CAD 0.65866 CAD
Indian Rupee 0.01688 CAD 0.02040 CAD
Jordanian Dinar 1.74224 CAD 2.02325 CAD
Pakistan Rupee 0.00734 CAD 0.00955 CAD
Hungarian Forint 0.00408 CAD 0.00487 CAD
Indonesian Rupiah 0.00008 CAD 0.00011 CAD
Barbados Dollar 0.55910 CAD 0.72355 CAD
Bermudian Dollar 1.10246 CAD 1.43452 CAD

These Rates are for settlement by EFT one side

Flag Currency We Buy We Sell
US Dollar 1.31498 CAD 1.34154 CAD
Euro 1.45158 CAD 1.48823 CAD
United Kingdom Pound 1.63586 CAD 1.66890 CAD

Taheri Exchange is happy to provide foreign currency services. Taheri Exchange reserves the right to pay by cash, check, draft, wire, electronic funds transfer, and in any denomination at its sole discretion. If you would like a specific payment type or denomination, this may affect the rate offered to you. Please let us know and we will offer you a specific rate in such a case.

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