Foreign Currency Bank Drafts

Taheri Exchange sells foreign currency bank drafts. A bank draft is similar to a check but the difference is that it is issued and guaranteed by a bank. In every region of the world, banks accept and redeem bank drafts issued by other banks. They are safe to carry and can be delivered anywhere in the world. 24 hour delivery is available in North America. This makes the bank draft an effective, economical and convenient method to conduct a foreign currency payment.

Benefits of Paying with a Draft:

• Guaranteed - A bank draft is guaranteed funds.
• Secure - Safer than carrying cash in a foreign currency.
• Practical - Easy to carry. Fits in an envelope.
• Economical - Most bank drafts only cost a low flat fee.
• Convenient - No need to know the bank account details of the beneficiary.

Benefits of Receiving a Draft:

• Guaranteed - A bank draft is guaranteed funds.
• Secure - Can only be deposited to your account.
• Practical - Deposit it to any bank account in your own name.
• No Fees – There is no fee for depositing a bank draft to your bank account.
• Convenient – No need to give out your bank account details to the payer.

Available in most foreign currencies. To Contact Us immediately dial 416-488-8822 or our toll free line at 1-888-712-9999 from anywhere in North America. Otherwise, send emails to [email protected]

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