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Mexican Peso coin

Mexican Peso Origin

Mexican Peso is one of the oldest currencies in Canada, the original Mexican Peso followed the design of the Spanish silver dollar coin. It had an official legal tender in USA, Canada and other famous countries of the American Continent.. The Mexican Currency was brought down from the eight pieces that Spain’s establishment had brought to the land, which Mexico continued to use as money after independence. In the beginning it was trading very smoothly, it  inspired the design of the American Dollar, which was issued at par with the Mexican Peso. In the late 90 s, after some decades of inflation, the Central Bank of Mexico changed its monetary policies and a new currency called the Nuevo Peso (New Peso) appeared to represent the value and hold up barters. The monetary value of the new peso rose,  1,000 old Pesos becoming one Nuevo Peso. Later in 90 s the term ‘Nuevo’ was abandoned, and it is now simply referred to as the Mexican Peso (MXN).

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