Our Store is in Toronto

Visit our store at 5775 Yonge Street in Toronto. We look forward to serving you in person at our branch.

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Free Car Parking

We validate underground car parking, so you don’t have to worry about your car or the parking fee.

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Better Customer Service

Responsive, caring, honest and efficient staff. We speak English, Russian, Farsi, Turkish, Mandarin, Urdu & Punjabi.

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Secure and Reliable

We are registered, recognized and experienced. 25 years of excellent service in Canada.

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Live Exchange Rates

Flag Currency We Buy We Sell
US Dollar 1.34731 CAD 1.36848 CAD
Euro 1.32395 CAD 1.38610 CAD
Mexican Peso 0.06531 CAD 0.07075 CAD
Iraqi Dinar 0.00075 CAD 0.00118 CAD
United Kingdom Pound 1.50446 CAD 1.58162 CAD
Vietnamese Dong 0.00004 CAD 0.00009 CAD
Turkish Lira 0.06762 CAD 0.07901 CAD
Bahraini Dinar 3.41967 CAD 3.81773 CAD
Japanese Yen 0.00925 CAD 0.00970 CAD
Hong Kong Dollar 0.16702 CAD 0.18094 CAD
Qatar Rial 0.34509 CAD 0.00000 CAD
Swiss Franc 1.35551 CAD 1.42503 CAD
Australian Dollar 0.85395 CAD 0.92032 CAD
Korean Won 0.00092 CAD 0.00104 CAD
UAE Dirhams 0.35882 CAD 0.39042 CAD
New Zealand Dollar 0.75903 CAD 0.80207 CAD
Bahamian Dollar 0.95532 CAD 1.40568 CAD
Bulgarian Lev 0.64230 CAD 0.72864 CAD
Kuwaiti Dinar 3.97023 CAD 4.63194 CAD
Brazilian Real 0.24704 CAD 0.28121 CAD
Cayman Islands Dollar 1.39186 CAD 1.75210 CAD
Omani Rial 3.36953 CAD 3.72421 CAD
Croatian Kuna 0.17229 CAD 0.19383 CAD
Dominican Peso 0.02466 CAD 0.02723 CAD
South African Rand 0.07319 CAD 0.08047 CAD
Swedish Krona 0.12070 CAD 0.12816 CAD
Israeli New Shekel 0.36329 CAD 0.41353 CAD
Czeck Koruna 0.05184 CAD 0.05846 CAD
Iceland Krona 0.00907 CAD 0.01022 CAD
Chinese Yuan Renminbi 0.18233 CAD 0.20153 CAD
Norwegian Kroner 0.12557 CAD 0.13333 CAD
Saudi Riyal 0.34520 CAD 0.37790 CAD
Thai Baht 0.03499 CAD 0.03847 CAD
Danish Krone 0.17615 CAD 0.18705 CAD
Polish Zloty 0.26775 CAD 0.29007 CAD
Taiwan Dollar 0.04072 CAD 0.04635 CAD
Jamaican Dollar 0.00850 CAD 0.00949 CAD
Singapore Dollar 0.91071 CAD 0.99699 CAD
Peruvian Nuevo Sol 0.33125 CAD 0.36575 CAD
Philippine Peso 0.02164 CAD 0.02467 CAD
Costa Rican Colon 0.00196 CAD 0.00240 CAD
Malaysian Ringgit 0.27683 CAD 0.31217 CAD
Colombian Peso 0.00028 CAD 0.00033 CAD
East Carribean Dollar 0.48009 CAD 0.53568 CAD
CFP Franc 0.01074 CAD 0.01217 CAD
Romanian New Leu 0.25997 CAD 0.28733 CAD
Chilean Peso 0.00135 CAD 0.00159 CAD
Fiji Dollar 0.56654 CAD 0.62916 CAD
Indian Rupee 0.01535 CAD 0.01785 CAD
Jordanian Dinar 1.81805 CAD 2.02005 CAD
Pakistan Rupee 0.00544 CAD 0.00678 CAD
Hungarian Forint 0.00303 CAD 0.00332 CAD
Indonesian Rupiah 0.00008 CAD 0.00010 CAD
Bermudian Dollar 1.14723 CAD 1.58427 CAD

Exchange Almost Any Currency

Easy, secure and convenient foreign currency exchange services

We deal in cash, wire transfers and bank drafts for every kind of currency. After 25 years, a foreign exchange dealer knows what makes a good service for the many different types of clients. Naturally, the best exchange rate is something that might concern you, and it concerns us. Alongside that, we have a very comprehensive variety of currencies. We carry out every transaction in an efficient and effective process focused at the convenience and comfort of our valuable customers. Most importantly, while maintaing the level of ease and facility for you, we take your security into consideration as a top priority.

Global Funds Transfers

Fund transfers with better foreign exchange rates

Transfer money with better foreign exchange rates. Whether you need to send or receive a wire transfer, we can help. Our international money transfers services combined with our superior money conversion rates are the best way to send funds. We treat our clients honestly and always advise you sincerely on the best suitable option for you to exercise. We have a range of cost effective solutions for you. Regardless of the amount you want to transfer, we are happy to help. Contact us for details on variety of fast, easy, simple and safe funds transferring solutions.

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