Tampa Merchant Services

Tampa Merchant Services

Companies need to accept automated payments and checks. The best way to handle these transactions is with a Tampa merchant services company. There are several main services that you want to handle including credit and debit card processing, electronic check processing and gift and loyalty card handling.

Credit and Debit Card Processing

One of the most important of all Tampa merchant services is the processing of credit and debit cards. Credit and debit cards are becoming increasingly popular. Many people carry debit cards rather than cash since the cards can be used almost everywhere. In order to accommodate a growing number of customer’s needs it is essential to be equipped to accept both credit and debit cards. 

Few businesses accept cash as their only method of payment. Even small businesses are expected to provide some method of taking credit and debit cards. Failing to do so could cause you to lose business since most people don’t carry around and use cash as their main form of payment anymore.

Processing has to be safe and secure in order to protect both your company and your customers. A breach of security could be costly and might cause irreparable damage to your business. It is essential that the services you choose provide a secure and safe method of transmitting data so that information is kept protected.

Electronic Check Processing

A number of consumers still utilize checks as payment. This is particularly true of places that accept payments by mail. Many types of businesses need to accept checks as payment for goods or services. For example, hotels, restaurants, auto shops, healthcare providers, retail shops and many others need to be able to take checks.

Today, processing checks is faster and easier than ever before. In the past, you had to utilize a check verification service to ensure that the customer had funds to cover the check. Today, checks can be automatically debited from a customer’s account using ACH, Automated Clearing House. This allows you to essentially convert a check into a debit for instantaneous payment. This is an important option that Tampa merchant services provide.

Gift and Loyalty Card Handling

Gift cards and loyalty cards can generate additional sales but you need to administer them properly. You need professional Tampa merchant services for gift and loyalty card transactions. Utilizing these cards can boost your bottom line and provide a way to offer customers special deals and discounts.

It is certainly necessary to give customers a way to use gift cards and loyalty programs to benefit your business. You need to utilize a company that provides a method for tracking and distributing gifts and discounts so that you can pass the savings along to your clients.

Pass Thru Merchant Services works with a variety of partners to provide you with the best and most efficient Tampa merchant services available. We offer a selection of services for all types of businesses to assist in providing safe payment options. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help improve your business. 

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