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Whether your organization needs to exchange currency or to manage foreign exchange risk, we can help. We have the corporate foreign exchange services your organization needs. Here is list of our most commonly provided services .

• Spot Deals

Your account executive can provide you with second to second foreign currency exchange rates. Once you agree to a rate, you can settle on the same day, or within 2 business days. This is called a spot deal. Access the best exchange rates in real time.

Forward Deals

At any particular time, if you are happy with the exchange rate available, but you need it for the future, let us know and we can lock that rate in for you. Reserve an exchange rate for a specific future date. This is called a forward deal or a forward contract.

Order Management

Indicate your target rate, we can monitor the currency markets 24 fours a day and execute your conversion if your rate becomes available. We monitor the world markets 24 hours a day. If you need to, you can cancel your order any time before your rate becomes available.

Your Account Executive

A Taheri account executive understands your business, and can tailor foreign exchange services that satisfy your unique needs. Be sure to let a professional give you the attention you deserve. You will come to feel very comfortable about the benefits of these services.

Wire Transfer

Conduct a foreign currency conversion and we can settle by wire transfer. We can wire funds back to your accounts in various currencies including majors, some emerging market, and some exotic currencies. Certain limitations apply.

• Currency Risk Management

Due to the current volatility in foreign currency rates, if your business is transacting internationally, you are most likely seeking methods to manage currency risk. We can help in this regard. We have experienced professionals with currency tools that put a significant amount of control back in your hands. We will asses the needs specific to your business and customize a suitable program.

• Negotiation and settlement

Negotiate with your clients in their currency.Clients may want to pay in foreign and even exotic currencies. We can quickly collect the funds in the foreign currency. You can then hold the foreign currency and convert when the rates are favorable.

• Market Monitoring

You can not monitor the foreign exchange market everyday. We can and we do. Tell us the rate that you want and we will monitor the markets for you until it becomes available.

• Exporters

If you want your business to grow, beyond the geographical borders of your country and enter new markets with growth potential, Taheri exchange can save you time and money at the same time. We can get you the best deals around the globle and exchange rates. We can also take care of LCs on your behalf and negotiate with home and foriegn banks.

• Importers

Importers have to face a lot of problems due to banks (foreign and home) charging high rates and causing problems for them with heavy paper work and undesirable delays. Taheri exchange can manage it all for you, while you will get the best exchange rates on all foreign transactions and we will take care of the banks.

• Financial News

We monitor the market all year and for every currency globally. We know when and what is going to cause a currency to rise or fall. Hence we provide our corporate account holders with the opportunity to earn high yields on foreign currency trading. We also provide you with news if you want to stay involved with whats going on.

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